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The purpose of the TEA party is to give control of the government back to the people that elected them. We believe the primary purpose of the federal government should be for national defense and international diplomacy. The citizens of a free nation should not and will not live in fear of their government. Government should be forced whether by law or the will of the people to live within the bounds of the revenue it receives. The government should not be allowed at its every whim to pass legislation that will force future generations into undo hardship or worse, servitude to other nations. The point at which elected officals start passing legislation which equates to personal favors is the point at which a government has crossed the line of tyranny! It is the purpose of the TEA party to eliminate tyranny at all levels of government for the sake of future generations.

Are you aggravated by the unbridaled spending of Washington? Are you frightened by the prospect of socialized everything? Are you tired of feeling like Washington is not listening to the very people they were elected to represent? Enter you contact information below to show your support for the Hannibal TEA Party. You will be notified of future rallys, meetings and other events.

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1) Ric Deters signed up on 01/06/08 to join the TEA Party
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